Integrate Devtool to iOS

Integrate Devtool to iOS

Weex devtools is a custom devtools for weex that implements Chrome Debugging Protocol inspired by Stetho, it is designed to help you quickly inspect your app and debug your JS bundle source in a Chrome web page. To make it work, at first you must integrate devtool to your App. This page will help you integrate devtool to your iOS App.

Integrate to iOS

Installing Dependencies

There are two choices to install dependencies:

No.1 From cocoapods

pod 'WXDevtool', '0.7.0', :configurations => ['Debug'],

I strongly recommend you use the latest version since both Weex SDK and devtools are developed iteratively and rapidly.

No.2 From source code

  1. Get source code by GitHub.

  2. Copy source folder to your project.


  3. Choose options as the picture shows.



Step 1. Add header file in AppDelegate.m

  • From cocoapods:

    #import <TBWXDevtool/WXDevtool.h>
    - From source code

    #import “WXDevtool.h”

    #### Step 2. Initialize inspector when the APP launched
    You can see the WXDevtool header file as follows:
    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
    @interface WXDevTool : NSObject
    * set debug status
    * @param isDebug : YES:open debug model and inspect model;
    * default is NO,if isDebug is NO, open inspect only;
    * */
    + (void)setDebug:(BOOL)isDebug;
    * get debug status
    * */
    + (BOOL)isDebug;
    * launch weex debug
    * @param url : ws://ip:port/debugProxy/native, ip and port is your devtool server address
    * eg:@"ws://"
    * */
    + (void)launchDevToolDebugWithUrl:(NSString *)url;

Note: The inspector API must be called before weex is initialized

  • setDebug

    setDebug is used to control the state of debug mode, when its value is YES, open the debug mode, otherwise closed.

  • (void)launchDevToolDebugWithUrl:(NSString *)url;

    wssip was the wss address showing in the chrome address bar.

open debug model and inspector model


- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { [WXDevTool setDebug:YES]; [WXDevTool launchDevToolDebugWithUrl:@"ws://wssip/debugProxy/native"]; }

open inspect model, remove the @selector (setDebug:) or add [WXDevTool setDebug:NO]


- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { [WXDevTool launchDevToolDebugWithUrl:@"ws://wssip/debugProxy/native"]; }

Step 3. Auto refresh

Q: Why do we need auto refresh feature?

A: As shown in future, when you click the debugger button, Javascript runtime environment will change from the phone (JavaScriptCore) to PC (Chrome V8), then Weex need to re-initialize the Weex environment, re-render the page. Page rendering is required for the developer to add on its own page.


Q: What kind of scene need to add refresh feature?

  • Click debugger button
  • Switch remoteDebug
  • Refresh inspect page

Q: How to add auto refresh feature?

Register events when Weex initialization.

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:notificationRefreshInstance: name:@"RefreshInstance" object:nil];

Notes: You must cancel this event in the dealloc method. For example:

- (void)dealloc
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] removeObserver:self];

For example, First you can destroy the current instance, and then re-create instance:

- (void)dealloc
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] removeObserver:self];

页面刷新实现,先销毁当前 instance,然后重新创建 instance,举例如下:

- (void)render
CGFloat width = self.view.frame.size.width;
[_instance destroyInstance];
_instance = [[WXSDKInstance alloc] init];
_instance.viewController = self;
_instance.frame = CGRectMake(self.view.frame.size.width-width, 0, width, _weexHeight);
__weak typeof(self) weakSelf = self;
_instance.onCreate = ^(UIView *view) {
[weakSelf.weexView removeFromSuperview];
weakSelf.weexView = view;
[weakSelf.view addSubview:weakSelf.weexView];
UIAccessibilityPostNotification(UIAccessibilityScreenChangedNotification, weakSelf.weexView);
_instance.onFailed = ^(NSError *error) {
_instance.renderFinish = ^(UIView *view) {
[weakSelf updateInstanceState:WeexInstanceAppear];
_instance.updateFinish = ^(UIView *view) {
if (!self.url) {
NSURL *URL = [self testURL: [self.url absoluteString]];
NSString *randomURL = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@?random=%d",URL.absoluteString,arc4random()];
[_instance renderWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:randomURL] options:@{@"bundleUrl":URL.absoluteString} data:nil];

You can see the details in this case WXDemoViewController.m