<a> is mainly used for navigation between weex pages。

Note: The behavior of <a> is similar to <div> except for the aspect mentioned in current page.

Note: It’s forbidden to add text directly to <a>, use <text> to wrap your text instead.

Basic Usage#

Wrap the element navigating from with <a>

<a href="http://dotwe.org/raw/dist/a5e3760925ac3b9d68a3aa0cc0298857.bundle.wx">

Refer the demo.


Attribute Type Value Default Value
href String {URL} - -


href defines the URL that current page will navigate. href must point to a weex page, the behavior of other case is undefined.


Support common styles.


Support common events


Notes: The execution order of callback function of click and href is undefined. Do not use click event to do the preprocessing of href.


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