The weex builtin component ‘text’ is used to render text with specified style rule.

Note: This component supports no child components.

Note: The heading and trailing white space will be ignored. If this is not what you need, you can set text using the data-binding method above.



Except for dynamic text, there is no other supported attributes for text.

dynamic text#

One can use the following code snippet to bind the content of text to a variable

    <text >{{content}}</text>
  module.exports = {
    data: function(){
      return {
          content: "Weex is an cross-platform development solution that builds high-performance, scalable native applications with a Web development experience. Vue is a lightweight and powerful progressive front-end framework. "


Support common events


The magic of text height#

The rules for computed height of text component is complicated, basically but not always, text in weex obey the following rules in order:

  1. The CSS style of max-height/min-height on your text
  2. The CSS style of flex on your text if there is a flex-direction:column on the parent component of you text.
  3. The CSS style of height on your text
  4. The CSS style of align-items:stretch on your text if there is a flex-direction:row on the parent you text.
  5. The content of your text and text style on your text.
  6. Other related CSS style not mentioned here.

Custom Typeface#


support loading custom font of ttf and woff format. Call addRule in dom module to build your own font-family, we suggest that you call addRule in beforeCreate.


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